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Alchemy Art Design offers competitive pricing on all of our products and services. Most developers will ask you to call or email to get a rough estimate of the total cost of their services. This is not a practice we believe in. Our prices are evident and modular, meaning you know exactly what you're paying for without paying for anything you don't need. Our pricing model is thoughtfully designed to suit your needs without breaking the bank.

Website Basics
Web Hosting Subscribe to a web hosting service to enable your website content to be accessed online. Includes free available domain purchase (1 year) upon subscription. Web Host Account Subscription ~ $120/year (prices vary among hosting providers)
Web Host Account Setup
Domain Email Account Setup i.e., This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (domain required)
Core Website Installation Install and configure basic site requirements, including a site backup system and security measures to protect your site. This item serves as our most basic site template as well as a framework that can be built upon and customized to any desired function and user experience. Includes 1 site page. CMS Installation/Configuration $300
Database Creation/Configuration
Administrator User Account Setup
Backup System Installation
Security Plugin Installation
Single Page Website (Basic Bootstrap Theme)
Website Theme Design & Development Customize the look and feel of your website to create a unique identity for your brand. Site Design Mockup & Review $30/hour
Custom Theme Design
Theme Template Compression & Installation
Basic Page Development Add basic content pages to your site, including text, images, and videos. Priced per page. Parallax priced per layer. Article Text, Image & Video Integration $100
Advanced Page Development Go beyond basic text and media. Create advanced page content, such as interactive forms or custom applications. Custom Module Development $30/hour
SEO Basics
Search Engine Optimization Increase your websites ranking in search results. Take advantage of metadata to increase your site's likelihood of appearing on Google's first page. SEO Analysis


SEO Monitoring
Analytics Account Creation
Analytics Administration
Advanced Website Features
E-Commerce Start making money by selling your products or services online! Register with to begin taking online debit & credit payments through your E-Store. Shipping modules from popular carriers like FedEx and UPS are available. E-Store Installation & Configuration $500 Account Registration
Payment Processing Configuration
Shipping Module Configuration
E-Store Product Page Create product item information pages for each of your products to have them appear in your E-Store. Priced per product. Product Inventory Item Addition $10
Product Page Creation
Wiki Theme Design & Development Customize the look and feel of your Wiki to unify your site's systems. Wiki Theme Design & Installation $30/hour
Community Site Development Want to host your own community site like Google+ or Facebook? We can help by installing and configuring community-building software on your site, enabling you to allow user registration and profile creation. What will you do with your new social network? Social Network Software Installation $200
Social Network Software Configuration
Social Network Software Integration
CMS-Social Network User Integration
Forum Installation & Integration Host a public forum, or limit access to registered members only. Forums allow users to share ideas and information on your site, driving related traffic to your pages and increasing your online visibility to search engines. Forum Installation $100
Forum Configuration
Forum Integration
Forum Theme Design & Development Customize the look and feel of your forum to match the theme of the rest of your site. Forum Theme Design & Installation $30/hour
Forum Moderation Want to run a successful forum site, but don't have time for forum moderation? Let our team of professionals administer your forums and free you from the hassle. Forum Moderation & Administration $20/hour
Site Migration Switching hosts? Get a new server? We can help with complete site migrations. We'll transfer your site files as well as your databases to your new provider. Site File Migration $30/hour
Database Migration
Social Media Management Don't have time to manage your social media presence? We've got you covered. Posts, Updates, Tweets, Comments, Themes and more! $20/hour
Content Creation
FormatDescription3-Day Delivery5-Day Delivery
Long Blog Post Long blog posts are about a page and a half of content between 500-700 words. These may contain many different styles. $75 $65
Standard Blog Post Standard blog posts are approximately a full page of content between 300-500 words. These may contain many different styles. $65 $55
Website Page A website page is a full page of content between 300 and 500 words of plain text. These do not include HTML formatting. $85 $75
Press Release Press releases are about a page or more of content. They are at least 400 words and follow standard formatting guidelines. $155 $145
Facebook Posts (25 Qty) Facebook posts are about 1-2 concise sentences and may include links to websites. $100 $75
Twitter Posts (Tweets) (25 Qty) Twitter posts are about 1-2 concise sentences and may include links to websites. Twitter posts are currently limited to 140 characters. $75 $50
LinkedIn Posts (25 Qty) LinkedIn posts are about 1-2 concise sentences and may include links to websites. $100 $75
Product Descriptions (4 Qty) Product descriptions are 150 words or less and describe a product or service. $125 $100
Email Newsletter Email newsletters are approximately a full page of content between 400-500 words. $65 $55
White Paper White papers are expert-quality content usually around 1500 words. These are usually about 3 full pages of content and include APA or MLA citations for authority. $275 $250
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